Training has been going really well! I managed to run 12.45miles in just over 2 hours at the end of last month. I have had a few issues though. Numbers have been a big issue for me recently, a post will be coming out on this by the end of the week.

Other concerns include: not building in enough recovery time after big runs, and trying to get my nutrient right.

Recovery time

Recovery has never been much of an issue for me when I have been training before as the distances being covered where not great enough need longer than the standard 3 days, which I normally built into my training anyway. However, with the increase in mileage I have realised that 3 days is not long enough. This makes physiological sense as the body can take up to 5 days to recover from intense physical activity. There are in fact two stages to recovery, the fast phase where ATP is resynthesised and Creatine phosphate is replenished in the muscles. These compounds are used for explosive events and are the first stages of the energy pathway. Marathon runners will also use these pathways during the beginning of the race and / maybe at the end (during a sprint to the line??). The second phase of recovery is when Oxygen is used to remove any waste products that have built up during the activity. The main product that is recovered during this phase is Lactic Acid. The excess Oxygen is combined with the acid which then goes back into the energy pathways. More more information on the energy systems please watch this video. Because the activity duration has increased so much recently the amount of waste products that I am producing on my runs have also increased thus increasing the recovery time needed. Muscles require extra time to recovery aswell after a bout of intense physical activity.


My secondary aim behind this whole Fat2Forty project was to lose weight. To achieve this it is important that you do NOT go on a diet. Diets do not work. You end up starving yourself and eventually break the diet and end up putting on more work. More information on diets can be found here. Much better than a diet is a sensible eating plan. Increase the amount of fruit and veg, decrease the amount of red meat……etc etc. But the key to weight lose is increased physical activity. The trouble I am having at the moment is that, as a teacher, I am currently on summer holidays which means I am relaxing and enjoying the odd beverage and eating probably too much. This will sort itself out during September when normal routines will be back in place including eating and drinking habits. My final nutritional concern is what to do pre/during and post marathon? Do you need specialist nutrition during a 5 hour bout of exercise? I am not so certain but will investigate and write a post about it soon.


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