About two years ago now, I made a massive career change and went from being the second in PE to becoming a teacher of Mathematics. This has taken a huge amount of time and effort on my part and would not have been possible with the support of an amazing department. I am still developing my skills but unfortunately this ‘transformation’ has not been without its costs.

In 2 quick years, going from an extremely active PE teacher ( I always did the running with the kids) to a classroom bound teacher has left its mark. I am currently two stone over weight and have never been this unfit since I was about 7 ( had tonsillitis for about a year!). I had a brief respite about this time last year when I ran the Bournemouth half marathon in October but I can safely say that since that race I have done incredibly little exercise.

But enough was enough! I have decided that I need to get out of this rut. So I have started my fat2forty challenge. The challenge involves going from a sedentary, unhealthy individual to a marathon finisher. This set of blog posts will be my record of how I go from being fat to running the 40km of a marathon. It also nicely ties in with my 40th birthday which is just over a year away. I have always had an image in my head that I want to look like and I guess that if I am ever going to achieve that I need to start now!

So, challenge 1 of Fat2Forty is to train and complete in the  Bournemouth marathon in October, challenge two will build upon the gains of the first challenge ( low levels of body fat and high levels of aerobic endurance) and to enter the gym and put a bit of ‘meat’ back onto this frame of mine.

Bit nervous really but let’s get on with it………


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