The Airport Express


I just wanted to write a quick post on how we are getting music into our gym using a brilliant bit of kit, the airport express.

airport express

The airport express is an apple product that allows you to airplay music to a set of powered speakers via a shared network or via the airports own network. It is incredibly simple to set up and after the initial hook up to the school network allows you to stream music from you iPad, iPhone or iPod.

Setting up the airport

This was really simple and was just a case of connecting the device to a computer and selecting the right wireless network. Once you have entered the password the  device will remember the network and will join it when it is plugged in. We placed ours high up on the wall so that the students would not be tempted to mess around with it. This made connecting the powered speakers really easy and it work straight way. The thing that really got me interested though is the potential for this device to be mobile. As it can create it’s own ad-hoc network, the airport express really just needs a power supply to become you very own mobile sound system. If you are classroom based you probably have powered speakers already, imagine being able to play a podcast or piece of music to your class (assuming you don’t already have ATV) as they entered or left.

In my current set up I can now steam music to the gym from anywhere inside the school network even if I am not in there! It can really confuse other teachers!! The other really useful feature of the airport is that it can be used as a wireless printer port. Again in a classroom this could be really useful. But the best feature of the airport is definately it’s price. You can currently pick up an older model on eBay for about £20-40.

So whether it could be used in the classroom in the gym or at home, the airport express is definatelly a bit of kit that you want!


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