Like most people at this time of the year, I have set a fitness based New Year’s resolution! I switched from the sportshall to the Maths classroom in September and have noticed the steady increase in the scales over the months and now is the perfect time to do something about it. I feel that I am quite lucky though, I know how to lose weight safely and sensibly and have confidence that I will achieve my goal. What I thought I would do is try to use as much technology as possible to achieve my weight loss goal, review them and blog about them. So over the next few months I will using all the technology I can get my hands on to help me lose the weight and prepare me for the next Bournemouth half marathon in October! I will record my training and my progress on the various fitness apps and make it public to so that you can see if the technology is helping!


The first bit of tech I am going to use is my new samsung galaxy S4. It comes fully loaded with a ‘lifestyle’ app called “S Health”. This is Samsung’s own Health and Fitness app. It has all the usual health and fitness parts combined into one really nice packaged app. When you first start the app you are asked to enter some personal details and to enter a fitness goal. Based on my weight I put in that I wanted to lose some weight and by when. The App calculates how many calories you need to burn off to lose the weight and what your calorific intake should be based on the anthropometrical data you put in. Looking at the data that the App produced it seems like a conservative amount of calories to burn and a generous calorific intake amount. With this set I am ready to go.



The main part of the App is the ‘Exercise mate’. This excellent feature allows you to keep track of all of the exercise that you are completing. You can manually input any exercise you might being done or if you use a compatible app like ‘Running Pro’ the data will be sent directly to S Health once the session has been completed. The calories that you have burnt off are all added together and displayed in the front of the app.

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Another great aspect of the App is the ‘food tracker’ here you can add all of your meals. You simply input the meal that you have had and then look through the extensive database for the exact meal. The app then shows you the nutritional information for that meal. It is an incredibly simple way of recording the food that you are taking in and is also very detailed in giving a very detailed break down of the contents of each meal. You can see exactly how much of each nutrient you are consuming and the overall calorific intake.



The final part of the app that I am going to mention is the ‘walk mate’ a very simple pedometer using the GS4’s accelerometer. It gives you a simple goal of achieving 10000 steps per day and works in the background whilst you get on with your day. If you have the ‘Gear’ you can sync this up to the GS4 and whatever one records the higher amount of steps will be the one recorded. All data is logged and can be reviewed and of course, goes towards your daily calorie burn goal.


I have only just started using this app, but it looks really good and very simple to use. I will see how it goes and if the targets are realistic and achievable.



2 thoughts on “Fitness by design (technological design!!)

    • It really looks like it is going to be good. So easy to use and monitoring food and exercise! I am going to try and link up a Heart Rate monitor as well, will let you know how it goes!

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