For those of you that have read this blog before you will have read my review of the Kanex MeDrive earlier in the year. I am happy to say that the little box of tricks is still working brilliantly at school and has provided myself and others with IPads virtually unlimited storage.

I emailed Kanex a few weeks ago and asked them if they had any products that could help me out of an ATV related problem. My mobile ATV unit is still working but because the TV is an older model it does not have a HDMI input. I have been using a VGA to DVi lead but this did not allow for audio.


Kanex solved my audio trouble straightaway with their fantastic ATV Pro unit. This brilliant little box, converts the digital signal to analogue (VGA output) and has a 3.5mm jack for the audio. It was simple to install and within 30 seconds I had sound coming out of the TV or desktop speakers (depending on how loud I want it).


The ATV Pro is priced at around £35. There are cheaper models out there, but they look cheaper. The Kanex model is well designed and fits in well with the style of the IPad and ATV. It is simple to use and if you have older style projectors it can save you having to replace it with a projector with HDMI input.

The network manager at my school was so impressed with the simplicity and functionality of the ATV Pro that he purchased another unit within a week to solve a problem they have been having in the main school hall. The unit is now connected to a splitter and a switch that allows us to change the input device very simply and to the amazing Bose sound system that features in the hall for school productions.


This great little unit has solved our digital / analogue issues with ATV and I am certain it solve yours if you are facing a similar issue.

Having spoken to Kanex about the product I continue to be impressed with the companies attitude towards developing products that users need. The customer service representatives that I have dealt with have been helpful and knowledgable about their products and the issues that many users have. At times it has been frustrating working with Apple products in school but with companies like Kanex producing excellent equipment to support and harness the power of the IOS devices life is slowly getting easier.

Overall, a great device that looks good and does exactly what it says on the box.



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