Since going paperless with the iPad I have tried to accomplish as many tasks as possible online. It has gone really well but one thing that really annoyed me was the fact that I have tried to use my calendar as my planner which is ok until school holidays. Microsoft outlook has no way of building in school holidays, which means if you have a two week time table, every 6 weeks or so you have to re-enter your timetable otherwise it will be out of sync.

I looked around the web and noticed that quite a few people had the same frustrations as me. So I dug around a bit more and finally came across a brilliant plugin called “Academic Calendar”.


Academic calendar is an add in for outlook that adds the features that you want. The cost is low, about £5 per licence and the benefit far out ways the cost!


The process was really simple, once the software was installed. I entered my 2 week timetable, entered the dates for the school holiday and away I went.


Gone are the frustrations of an out of sync timetable and my electronic planner is now working well!

For more information on the calendar go to: academic calendar.co.uk


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