I have been using an ATV unit in my theory classroom for about a year now and have found that it has totally changed the way in which I can teach. During form time we use it to play hangman, this allows even the most shy pupil to have a go without having to stand up in front of the class. During theory lessons I have used it to project my iPad screen showing keynotes, showing pupils work, working through examples (the list could go on) but I still thought that I was missing a trick. I have seen photos of iPads and ATV’s being used in sportshalls with projectors in cages but I knew I would never get that.


Then I had an idea, hanging around the department we have 3 old style TV trolleys and a plasma TV stuck on the wall that no one was using. I found the old bracket and post that the TV used to hang down from the ceiling on and decided to put them together and make a mobile ATV unit. I found the most stable trolley, fixed the ceiling bracket to the underneath of it, cut a whole in the top and stuck the post through. The flat screen TV was then attached to the post and voila – a mobile flat screen TV unit. I put the ATV unit underneath and attached it to the TV via a DVI cable (the TV didn’t have a HDMI input).


The iPad mirrored onto the screen seamlessly and suddenly I had a mobile movement analysis unit. I loaded up coachmyvideo and the students could then record themselves and analyse their own movements. I used this setup for my double lesson with the year 7’s and it worked brilliantly. We are currently on dance and the ability to record their performances and review them before performing them was priceless. The pupils found the system easy to use and allowed them to see their dance before they had to perform it. They tweaked and changed parts because it didn’t look right and then practised again before performing it.

The system can be moved from the dance studio to the sportshall and then into the gym easily and as long as the ATV Can pick up the wireless signal it is all go. If the iPad and the ATV unit are working from different access points then their is a delay on the TV. This is the time taken for the signal to go to the router, up to the main server and then back down to another router and finally to the ATV unit. But if they are working from the same access point it works in real time.

During a recent caving lesson I put the iPad into the cave with the camera turned on and mirrored on the TV. As the pupils crawled past they gave their mates a wave and the rest of the class saw it on the TV, as it was a nice group I got nothing more than waving!


In the future I will be using the unit as a mobile interactive whiteboard, a movement analysis station for practical sessions and to show elite examples of the sports I am teaching. The unit has really opened up the potential of the ATV in a practical setting and I can’t wait to use it again.


The only issue I have with the unit is the lack of sound! The DVi cable does not support sound so at the moment I have no sound. I am looking into the kanex ATV Pro unit so that the sound can be plugged into the little speaker you can see just below the TV. But as I am not a budget holder this might have to wait a bit.


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