If you have read part 1 of this blog you will know that I have been trialling the new Kanex MeDrive. At home it worked brilliantly and I was apply to save iWork documents and photos from my iOS devices straight onto a USB stick. The memory sticks can be hot swapped and the unit even handled my 1tb HDD.

But I believe that the best use for the MeDrive will be in 1:1 iPad schools. Now, I don’t work at a 1:1 school but I work with a brilliant IT support department that were happy to plug the MeDrive into the system for me to trial at school.


You can just see the MeDrive in the bottom left hand corner of a dynamic switch. I asked if it could be plugged into the router but apparently the ones we use don’t have plugs. When it was first plugged in I could find it easily on my iPhone but struggled to see it on the IPad. I could access all files except the images folder I had imported for this trial.

I contacted Kanex customer support and I was really impressed with the speed of their response (considering the time difference) and their overall helpfulness. This was much better than some customer support services I have had the pleasure to deal with recently and certainly left me feeling that they had really tried to help.

As it was the issue resolved itself! Apparently the MeDrive was looking for the server and the server was wondering what the MeDrive was. They eventually worked it out which meant that I could find and access all files on all of my iOS devices.

Overall thoughts of the MeDrive in school.

With colleagues that had iOS 6.1 on their iOS devices the MeDrive worked brilliantly. We could easily upload and swap documents and photos and access the files simultaneously. If we had students that used iOS devices they could, potentially, save work to a USB drive plugged into the MeDrive and then that would become the portable storage for that class. Teachers could have USB drives for each group and work would always be fully accessible.




2 thoughts on “Kanex MeDrive at school

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