In a previous post, I pointed out that if you didn’t have an ATV unit in your classroom then your iPad would be tethered to the projector and probably stuck at the front of the class! I quickly found out that that was not necessarily true and I have been meaning to post an update for months!


I quite like apple’s Keynote app and have used it for quite a few presentations but after my post on using Apple TV I was informed of another app for my iPhone that meant I could control keynote from my phone. What a great idea! For 69p I became mobile again, connecting the phone and the iPad either over the wireless network or by Bluetooth. For my Olympic assemblies in the summer, I started off sitting in with the pupils, this really freaked them out but it gave me an idea. I could now present from anywhere in the room and if a pupil was being a particularly pain I could sit next to them and teach the lesson from there.


This has had a great effect on my behaviour management as the pupils know I can be anywhere and am not stuck to the front like many of my fellow teachers. The ability to roam also allows the pupils the opportunity to go to the front and help teach the rest of the class whilst I can be encouraging pupils to pay attention.

Only a short post, but an important one for me!


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