At the beginning of the academic year I tried “flipping” my A2 PE class with poor results. The failure was a combination of factors : members of the class not buying into the process and the issues I had in getting the information I had out to the students.

Well, it’s been a long 2 terms and I have learnt a lot. I have done a lot of research into the theory behind the “flipped classroom” and with the arrival over Christmas of a school iPad I feel I am now ready to I have another go.

After finishing teaching the A2 spec I started to think about revision tactics and the idea of the Flipped Classroom came to mind. Obviously, I couldn’t do it properly but could I do a modified version that would allow the students to recap the information. The video had to be kept under 10 minutes leaving 5 minutes for the students to arrange their thoughts and get their notes in order. With 15 minutes of revision I think the students would stay engaged and it would help.

The Process

Using the amazing app “explain everything”


I created 8 slides on “energy systems” and then proceeded to talk and draw all over them, time and time again. I got it wrong a lot of times but finally produced an 8minutes clip which I then exported to IMovie. I then edited the clip and added slides created on Brushes and music from GarageBand. This was then exported to YouTube and the link emailed out to the students.

The feedback was good. It was long enough that all the information was present but short enough so that they didn’t get bored. The revision session was very positive with even the least able student producing answers that would have scored well in the exam.

Going Forward

After many conversions with @syded06 he suggested that the content was good but for a “normal” lesson the video should be a lot more interactive. This way the students engage a lot more and take more from the clip. So the next step is clear, produce a 15 minute clip that is engaging, enjoyable, interactive and rememberable……………… Ok then. A slight challenge. But one that I am definitely up for.

On a side note, the stylus I used came from the local 99p shop and performed really well!

If you would like to check out the revision session please follow the link and please leave a comment or just like it.

A2 energy systems revision

Finally, my school has now got a new Headteacher that is very supportive of emerging technology and especially social media. This is allowing me to spread the knowledge in a new way and the future looks Rosie!

Please leave a comment.



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