For the last 3 months I have been trialling the use of an Ipad2 at school and I thought it was about time that I blogged about how I am getting on. Once all the technical issues were sorted out ( the school filter was blocking ITunes!) the “magic started to happen”. The App Explain Everything has been a real revelation. I can take pictures, websites and videos draw all over them and narrate at the same time producing a Khan Academy style lesson in no time. This clip can then quickly be uploaded to YouTube and shared with members of the department within moments. An example of me using this app can be found in my previous entry “QR codes go climbing”. It took 20 seconds to record and not much longer to upload!
I have also started producing my presentations on Keynote, the apple version of PowerPoint! I have found this App very intuitive and easy to use and with the integration of Apple TV in my main teaching classroom a very good way to get information to the students. In presentation mode Keynote can show what slide you are currently on and what the next slide is, a useful tool. I was starting to get a bit concerned with the space my presentations were taking up the but with a neat integration with a couple of cloud services this is no longer a problem. Otixo is a webDav service that lets you move and sync all of your cloud services. I store presentations on a free Dropbox account, go to Otixo and move it to my The Box service (50gb free!) all of my presentations are now accessible at any time and are not taking up valuable space on my IPad.
Relating to the title of this blog though, it wasn’t until last Tuesday, just before a parents evening, that I was challenged to lower the amount of paper I use. I quickly exported my pupils data to a spreadsheet including their Attitude to learning scores and presented each parent with their son’s scores and grades nicely highlighted on the IPad. My colleagues were using rulers and printed out sheets to provide the same information, but the cherry on the cake was when I could show the parents clips and photos from lessons of how their son’s were getting on. I had no paper on my desk that night and it felt “right”.
I find that I am now only logging onto my desktop to complete registers, virtually everything else I am completing on the IPad. My next step is to enter the world of Epublishing and to see how easy that is.


2 thoughts on “Paper: going going, gone!

  1. All sounds brilliant. I am still working on my school to extend ipad use. May I ask how did you transfer spreadsheet of assessment to ipad?

    • Thanks for the comment! The assessment was exported from our MIS and then I emailed it to myself and opened with quickoffice. I now have the MIS on the iPad, only one licence in the school. Hope this helps

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