QR codes go Climbing!

The school I work at has amazing facilities including a great climbing wall. We obviously teach the children how to climb but I also run an Adult learning course on the wall where dads get to spend time with their children doing something new and exciting. It was during this course that I had the idea of using QR codes to link to descriptive clips on YouTube explaining how to climb routes.

I took a picture of the wall, then using Explain Everything ( an amazing app!) filmed the route and recorded an audio description of the route. The clip was up loaded to YouTube , a Qr code generated ( quick tip: when shortening the URL using goo.gl get the shorten code, paste it into the browser and add .qr to produce a QR code). The code was then added to the route table as seen below.


Now, while I am instructing others, members of the group can look at the grade table, decide on the route they want to climb and then see how to climb it.

I know some people will say that the whole point in climbing is solving a problem and that people should “find their own way” but this is a good way for beginners to learn to be independent. Possible future developments? A climbing guide book with Qr codes link to clips of people doing the climbs? That would definitely be useful for an average climber like me!


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