Dance, ICT and Me

There have been a few recent comments on twitter about male PE teachers teaching Dance and how they go about it. I just wanted to my add my opinion and tell how I go about teaching dance.

Firstly, I am not a good dancer! But I do feel strongly that the boys should have just a good experience in dance as the girls do. With all of the resources out there why should it matter if it is a male or female teacher doing the dance lesson? Surely the boys will feel more at ease doing dance with their 35 year old rugby orientated male teacher who has no rthyme? I can definitely empathise with them! My experience of dance at school was not positive and made me spend many a Friday and Saturday night whirling around on the dance floor, not looking good.

So how do I teach it? With the use of ICT. We have been lucky enough to get  a set of portable dance mats with a dedicated laptop! For a teacher like me this is a god send. I hook the laptop up to the projector, the mats sync automatically and away we go. There are various options to allow for differentiation so that all the class can be competitive and scorch punter scores the dancers on the timing and accuracy of their moves similar to games on theWii and XboThese is element of competition really suits the boys and straightaway they are hooked, engavery and very motivated. We have dance off’s, pairs competitions and relays. The possibilities are endless and the boys never get tired of it.

Another option is also available, showed to me by our Yr10 sports leaders. People, it seems are so keen to show off their dance scores from the Xbox and Wii games that they record the screens and upload them to YouTube. I then simply pick the song I want to use, press play and watch the boys get totally immersed in the game (that they aren’t really playing).  I have never seen a group of boys so tuned in to a dance lesson. But it seems it was second nature to them. They have the games at home, know how to use them and get really competitive with each other. I know it was a good lesson because the boys danced for about 40 minutes solidly and were arguing as they walked out of the door who was the best! Definitely a good lesson for a teacher that has not got the moves but agrees with the creative debate!

Kung Fu Anyone?

Obvisously I won’t do this every lesson and some lessons will be more traditional but if these lessons can be the carrot I won’t need a stick!


Let me know what you think?


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