For the last 6 months I have been trying to bond my love for technology with my teaching of PE. As you can read in previous blogs I got started via an intro to QR codes and it snow balled from there. Now I want to round up what I have learnt and to set some resolutions for the new year.
The main thing I have learnt is that there are some amazing teachers out there doing some extraordinary things! By tapping in to this experience I feel that I am improving and the pupils that I am teaching are getting a better learning experience, and surely that is what this is all about.
I have had more CPD in the last 6 months than I. The previous 6 years. As a result I have had the confidence to take a few more risks. Some have worked out and sometimes I have been let down by either my lack of tech knowledge or the tech itself.
I have tried flippin the A level class with limited success, it is still dependent on the pupils buying into the concept. But from this I have started curating a subject on Scoop-it, and I feel this is a real success. I use the material on this to plan lessons, during lessons and as extension material. I have also shared the links with all members of the department to “share the love”.
I have also been using tech as I develop my leadership skills on the MLDP course for aspiring heads of PE. The course relies extensively on the National Colleges website, including a peer assessment facility that identifies strengths and weaknesses. As a cohort of similar minded teachers we share ideas and have to lead change within the department. My challenge is to increase the % of pupils leaving KS3 with the higher grades. Obviously I am using tech to achieve this. Firstly, I am collecting video clips of skills in different sports. These will be levelled and displayed on a loop in the department office to keep levels consistent. Secondly, I will video myself asking different levels of questions and use this in department CPD. De Bono’s hats and other theories of questioning have been talked about previously. But I want to keep them fresh in peoples minds so I will be sending out emails or an emag on a regular basis.
On a practical slant, I have been using video cameras, voice recorders, smart phones and Apps to make practicals more engaging and allowing to students to buy into the lessons. Prezi and YouTube have changed my presentation style from PP based to a more adventurous style.
Twitter and the other forms of social media have the ability to allow the next generation of students to access learning 24 / 7 as teachers we need to embrace this tech and make sure that we atleast stay inline with the pupils and not fall too far behind them in our understanding of it.


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