Those that have observed me teach may say that my classroom is always flipped! But on my Tech adventure this summer it gained a new meaning for me. My PLN (Personal Learning Network) had mentioned it time and time again and the Khan Academy name kept being mentioned. I did some investigating (usaually at 11.30pm when the house was quiet) and quickly found out the huge impact the Khan Academy was having on education. It seemed an obvious concept at first, but one which could have the potential to work wonders.

Could it work in Physical Education, in a rural part of Southern England?

It should……

My plan was pretty simple to start with, convert any online information I had on a given subject into a QR code and share it with the group via google circles.


The pupils would then be expected to digest the material, learn it and come to the next lesson ready to discus it. Simple enough, until my school refused to let me use Google+ or any other form of Social Media (see my previous post!). Not to be put off I set up a group email address for the class and just like that we were back on track.

The group I was trying this out on are a 6th form Physical Education group. A highly motivated and enthusiastic group, so you would think. But this was my first hurdle, some of the group just wasn’t interested in reading / listening / watching any information outside of the classroom. Some of the group were excellent at this and have since scored well above the others in recent tests, but for it to really succeed the group have to buy into it and they have to see the advantages of it to them.

My second hurdle was the personal preparation time needed for this to be successful. With the constant need to update material as I was presented with it from my PLN I found I just didn’t have the time. I surf at home on my Iphone as we can’t get broadband and then have to organise my thoughts(?) at school.

My way to get around this is to get my head sorted and start using social bookmarking, these can then be shared within the department and with the pupils. But it still relies on the pupils being bothered!! I think me enthusing about this way of teaching may push them along in the short term but have they been spoon fed for to long?

Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on the subject.


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