A wiseman once told me that any project that is run in schools will not be ruined by the pupils but by the staff. In this blog I wanted to tell of my use of social networking sites such as twitter, facebook and the recently publicly released google+.


But I have been hampered for my own protection. It seems unless logs can be kept of any and all interactions then the powers that be will not allow it. After hearing of so many success stories of how social media is helping to transform the way in which children learn and the progress that can be made I am more than a little upset.


Would the use of social media have totally changed the way I teach? No, but it gives me a way to get Information to the pupils in a format they can easily digest using the technology they love. I wanted to use the sites to allow the pupils the opportunity to work together on tasks and projects, for the older pupils to discuss exam questions and have discussions around new topic areas and for the younger ones to get up-to-date information from the PE department on training and fixtures. This can all still happen but in a more 20th century way.
For now, I have to be content with using these amazing sites for my own benefit and hopefully provide the school with enough examples of their positive use that some professional discretion might be used.


Please leave a comment and let me know your views on social media sites in the classroom. Perhaps I can use them when I finally get to meet up with the SLT and discus social networking sites and their use in school.


2 thoughts on “The Social (Media) Dilemma

  1. I agree. Simple enough, I think education has to not necessarily accept, but adapt to the way my generation learn and absorb information. I think an interesting thing to point toward your bosses is Kahn Academy. The creator designed a program that has been working to help catch-up students that the traditional system lets fall through the cracks. I think we have to re-gain the emphasis of teaching to the students, and reaching them rather than just teaching a subject to get a passing grade.

    Social media is becoming more important in college for teachers to get the word out. Many of my former professors send me messages daily about new programs and lectures that are coming. For me as a student, it gave me a more interconnection with the teacher than an email or phone call could. It was similar to being in their office without having to leave the house.

    Academia and businesses work in an environment of collaboration. No business or teacher is by themselves they pose questions and bounce it off their board members, co-workers, and employees. Why shouldn’t we prepare students for such an environment by proposing them to work together, safely in their homes, collaboratively on projects to tackle difficult questions? Maybe, teachers will be able to present content earlier than they thought in this format.

  2. I agree completely with using these websites as tools for learning. It would be an easy way for teachers to post notes, lectures, assignments..etc. Also it would be an amazing way for students (like me) to connect with my teacher, 1 on 1, and ask questions and get a better understanding on the lesson that was taught that day at school. I think google+ would amazing for that, mainly because facebook is stereotyped for personal use.

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