I have always loved technology, especially when it aids learning whether that be mine or the pupils I teach! So when I got on a YST CPD day I was intrgued by the pre requisite of downloading a QR code reader. After a bit of researching it was obvious of the benefit of QR codes (for those of you who do not understand, please follow the link and all will be revealed http://goo.gl/gzhGN) and the use they could be put to in the classroom. After a bit more researching I found fellow PE teachers around the world doing amazing things, not only with QR codes but with technology in general, and thus my summer of techness began.

Firstly, it became really apparent that I needed to get on board with. I am still not sure of the proper way to use twitter but in the last 8 weeks I am convinced I have done more CPD than I have had in the last 6 years! I currently have 19 followers and follow 32 others and I sincerely thank everyone who regularly tweets. Through this PLN (personal learning network) I have found

and many others and more than anything else this has made me question the way that I teach and the way in which I use technolgy in my “classroom”.

So I have changed. Not all together or totally, but quietly and purposefully. I have set up this blog to record my adventure over the coming months and years and maybe to give others a starting point on their own TECH adventure.

My adventure continues tomorrow morning, 8.35am.


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